2018 Candidates for the Board of Directors



Jerry Axler: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

I was honored to be asked to run for a position on the board of Singles on Sailboats. As a long time member/skipper of SOS, I am familiar with the advantages of membership in the organization for the many people it serves. Continuing and strengthening SOS is my primary reason for agreeing to run for the Board. Living in Annapolis now allows me to serve effectively if elected.

I have been actively sailing for 40 years and in that time I primarily sailed the East Coast to New England, Maine and Canada. My love for New England waters has lured me into making 25 or more trips north. In addition I have chartered boats in the BVI, Windwards and Croatia. As a former member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, I taught Basic Seamanship, Navigation, Meteorology and Colregs.

During my professional career as a dentist, I actively served on numerous Local, State and National Boards in various roles including president, treasurer, trustee and actively initiated programs for the benefit of the public. I now feel this is a good time to contribute to SOS, a club that serves an important role for so many.


 Corinne "Coco" Lanquetuit: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

In 2013 I was a member of DSC (Downtown Sailing Club) in Baltimore. Another member mentioned SOS to me. I looked into it, joined SOS that same week and never looked back. SOS, first as a crew than as a skipper, has had such a beneficial and positive impact in my life as a sailor that, after 5 years, I realize it is time for me to give back to the club. Being a board member would give me that opportunity.

Many of you know me as we have sailed together on Bonne Idee. Few know me outside of the club. My professional expertise is in international finance, risk management and international development. Over the years I have lived in seven different countries. I have learned to adapt, be flexible and more importantly to listen to others.

I like to do things that are outside of the box. The most interesting thing I have done in my life … so far…. is to join the Israelian Army as a volunteer for a few weeks. As a Board Member I would like to bring that same unconventional approach and way of thinking, as well as my enthusiasm and passion for sailing.  

My experience as a sailor has been obtained over 20 years sailing in the Bahamas where I lived for a while, in Spain and Florida where I did most of my training and took my ASA certifications and ultimately on the Bay where I have sailed for the last 5 years.

My goal as a member and eventually as a Board Member is for the club to continue to succeed and to grow, to bring that passion of sailing, that camaraderie that we have to even more members, hopefully to a younger generation of SOS members. I want to contribute to a club that has given me so much in whatever way I can as a Board Member or in any other capacity where my experience and expertise could be beneficial.


Robin Meigel: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

I’m a longstanding SOS member skipper who single hands my 27 foot Cape Dory most of the time.  I’m also officially a “retread” candidate as I’ve served on the board in the past as Secretary and Treasurer! SOS is a great club and has served its members so very well.  Incredible volunteers have held things together in the face of a drop off in membership from a high in my memory of 950 members.  As a board member I expect I will be scrutinizing whether we should be adapting our calendar of offerings to these changes – we continue to rely on a hard core cadre of veteran volunteers.  If they say they don’t’ need a break I will listen.  But perhaps Spring Training should be held every two years.  If we have fewer parties, the incentive to attend the ones we hold will be all the greater and reduce the risk they lose money.  Cruising is the heart and soul of our club and I’d like to see us try different things – including taking boats south of the Potomac for those who are up for it.   I would like to see us organize a “Cheeseburger in Paradise” party on the water (as opposed to a land based party with the same theme). I strongly support managing our finances to stay within the existing dues level.


Dana A. Stoffregen: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

My name is Dana Stoffregen, and I am recently retired and reside in Doylestown, PA. I have been sailing since I was a teenager, over 50+ years ago. I started sailing on lakes and along coastal Massachusetts on my 10’ O’Day Sprite, followed by a 14’ O’Day Javelin and then a 19’ O’Day Mariner sloop. I raced dinghies (420s, Shields, and others) in college, and did some coastal racing on C&C 35 and 36 sailboats out of Mystic, CT. I also did some coastal cruising including Mystic, CT. to Boothbay Harbor, ME. and Annapolis, MD. to Block Island, RI. I bought my present boat, a Corsair 28R trimaran, in 2005 and started actively racing on the Bay. I have maintained memberships in the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association and the Chesapeake Multihull Association, and was Rear Commodore in charge of the CMA Newsletter for 2 years. 

About 2 years ago I heard about SOS. I talked with a local member, attended a great Halloween party at the Miles River Yacht Club, and joined SOS within a few weeks. Since then, I have attended multiple social functions (dinner/dances & brunches), sailed on weekend cruises, and skippered on two SOS bareboat trips (Leeward Islands [44’ Leopard catamaran] and the BVI [47’ Jeanneau monohull]). I will be skipper of a 39’ Lagoon catamaran on the upcoming Lake Champlain trip. 

I hope to be elected to the SOS board, where I can become more involved in the ongoing weekly/monthly operations of this organization. I believe that SOS needs to continue outreach to attract new members, including younger single sailors to fill out our ranks and provide growth going forward. I look forward to resuming the SOS Spring Training program, and perhaps initiating additional continuing education programs throughout the year. Overall, the future of SOS looks bright! 

I consider myself very fortunate to have found SOS, and desire to give back to this unique and wonderful organization. Thank you for your support.


Becky Strandberg: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

I am Becky Strandberg and have been a member of SOS for over 10 years. I came to the club through recommendations of friends and through the DC Happy Hour and was immediately made welcome by too many members to name.

Before I joined SOS, I owned a couple of sailboats with a partner. My activities in the club include sailing as crew, hosting happy hours in Montgomery County, acting as a coordinator for a weekend cruise, going on bareboats and serving as nominating chair last year. I love the club and have made many good friendships through these activities.

In my other life, I admit, I am a lawyer and now live in Annapolis in Heritage Harbour. I am running for the Board because I want to give back to the organization and can use my past experiences as a Board member and officer on a number of different volunteer boards, including my bar associations. I believe in building consensus and unity in organizations, not division.

Retaining and obtaining new members has been an issue in Board elections for several years and is something I would work on as a Board member. We have strengths in that we have tried and true ways of getting new members and we also have the richness of having members who just naturally mentor and encourage members.

Our tried and true methods include happy hours, brunches, friends and notices on the web or in a publication. If elected to the Board I would focus on building on what we have for skipper and crew members in terms of our social, membership and other committees. I think we should have an award for club members and skippers who mentor and encourage other members and would look for other ideas to foster membership.

Thank you for this opportunity and I would appreciate your vote.


Jan Warfield: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

I have been a member of SOS since 2015 and wish that I had found the Club sooner!  I have had wonderfully varied and interesting sailing opportunities in SOS and enjoy the camaraderie of Club members. 

I am an active participant in Bay sailing and bareboat cruising and volunteer at Brunches and Parties.  In 2017, I presented a class at Spring Training. 

I bring to the table a spirit of collaboration in my work and other activities including Peace Corps experience in the 1970s in Burkina Faso; as a Medical Technologist in a hospital laboratory; and as an NIH Contractor at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) working at different times in my 30+ year career on immune monitoring of HIV patients, on setting up a lab and working with NIH and Malian counterparts in Mali, West Africa, and in training personnel at FNLCR in privacy, security, and compliance issues.  I serve as a Board member of a Dance Club and we grapple with issues like SOS: how to run efficiently and to stay relevant, and how to attract more people to dancing.  Some great sailing experiences I have had include bringing my sailboat, Last Mango, a Caliber 35, from Florida to Maryland, and in 2013, skippering Last Mango in the DelMarVa Sailstice.     

I have a positive attitude and lots of energy to provide leadership to SOS and here is what I offer: 1) examine ways we can have a reasonable budget and get the most out of it; 2) review our programs and see where we can further support and improve them; 3) advocate listening to and respect for members; 4) strategize on best ways to support new members because it’s easy to get lost when you are new-SOS has lots of good information on the website, but new members (and old members, too!) need more guidance to find it; 5) brainstorm with other Club members to find ways to attract members and more Skippers; and, 6) explore ways to better support volunteers who are the glue that holds SOS together. 


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