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1978 - 2019

Come For The Sailing, Stay For The Friendships


2019 Candidates for the Board of Directors


Doug Love: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

I’ve sailed the Bay and elsewhere in the world for about 45 years; skippered for about 41 of those.  I’ve also skippered 26 cruises with SOS (and counting).  So, if elected, I’d bring ample sailing experience to the Board.  Additionally, I offer quite strong business, organizational, and communication skills to the Board.  I earned my MBA from Wake Forest in 1988.  Ever since, I’ve managed cost and schedule parameters, and calibrated performance on government programs worth $100’s of millions.  Today, I’m a Sr Program Management Consultant on a large anti-terror program with TSA.

Back in 2014, SOS (and the sailing of course), played a significant role in me pulling out of a “rough patch” in life.  After getting back on my feet, I’ve stayed because of the camaraderie, adventure, and friendships that the club offers.  Over the years, I’ve developed a pretty strong affinity for SOS, developed numerous friendships, and I recognize the value that it offers to the sailing community, beginners to veterans.

Why the Board?  Thus far, my interaction with SOS has been primarily through skippering cruises on Validity.    Now, I feel that I have been around long enough that I can give back far more.   So, to the extent that I can volunteer my time, and leverage my experience, skillset, relationships, and ideas to sustain and grow SOS such that the club can offer all of the great things that it has to me to others, far into the future, I will work tirelessly to do just that.

Thanks for considering me for the SOS Board.  That alone is an honor.


Barbara Reese: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

I have been a member of SOS for over six years.  During this period SOS afforded me the opportunity to learn to sail and h have sailing experiences on the Chesapeake and around the world.  International bareboat adventures include barging in France, the BVIs and some of the islands of Greece.  Wonderful friendships were forged as these SOS experiences unfolded.

Since SOS is a volunteer organization, it relies on active membership to provide the coordination and logistics around educational programs to learn to sail and to provide sailing experiences.  So, importantly, we need a broad base of members, young and old, to keep the club alive with the old as well as new ideas and programs.  The membership base needs to include long term and new members that consist of young blood as well as old timers.

As an anthropologist, I would focus on identifying ways to maintain and grow membership.   In this era of social media, young people organize themselves in different ways.  I would investigate what it is that the younger generation expects from a club and work to address those expectations.  New and old members must feel a part of the organization.  New members need to be encouraged to participate in event planning.  In this way, new members might encourage their acquaintances to look into the activities of SOS.

Vote for me and keep SOS alive and vibrant.


Sandy Rosswork: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

I have decided to run for a second term on the SOS Board of Directors for a variety of reasons; SOS has become a big plus in my life, bringing sailing adventure, camaraderie, and many new friends. I appreciate the club's emphasis on good seamanship, safety, and enjoyment of the Chesapeake Bay. I bring to the table my experience as a current board member, skipper and recent chair of the Bareboat Cruising Committee. The current board has begun several worthwhile initiatives such as Long Range Planning and I would like to continue my work on these.

I'm a life-long boater, beginning at the age of 14 when my family moved from Oregon to Maryland and my Dad bought a Boston Whaler.  He taught me the basics and the Severn River became my highway and the boat my first driving experience. My husband was a sailor and we quickly bought our first sailboat and worked our way up to an S-2 30 racer cruiser.  I organized private sailing flotillas to various parts of the world until joining SOS in 2010 and being asked to chair the SOS Bareboat Committee.  Naturally, my first SOS sailing experience was on the Australian Bareboat trip!  I have a USCG Captains License and taught sailing in Annapolis for several years with the Womanship program.

My non-boating experience includes teaching; from elementary school to college. I have a Ph.D. in Psychology and have worked as a school psychologist, in private practice, and as program manager for the US Navy's domestic violence, and sexual assault programs, world-wide.  In that capacity, I managed a multi-million dollar budget, program staffing, research and clinical oversight. I was selected to represent the Navy as a participant in the government wide Executive Women’s Leadership Program.

As an SOS board member, I have tried to emphasize rational decision making which takes into account both budget issues as well as "bang for the buck." I have supported a positive approach to membership issues, rather than being punitive or negative.  I support review of our existing policies and paperwork, some of which could clearly be updated or streamlined. In the past two years, I have been instrumental in updating both the Emergency Medical Form, as well as the Pre-Cruise Check Out Form.  Finally, I would work to ensure the continued success of our core programs: bay sailing, bareboat cruising, social functions, and instructional endeavors. Our club is going to have to make some changes going forward and I believe that I could make some contributions to that process.


Teresa Scofield: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the SOS Board and, if re-elected, to continue to serve the club that has been so good to me. My love of sailing began on Peconic Bay, Long Island and spread to Galesville, MD where my late husband and I kept our Rhodes 22. When I was ready to get back into sailing following his passing, an internet search turned up Singles on Sailboats; I joined immediately. My participation early on was sporadic until a friendly skipper took me under his wing and encouraged me to attend an SOS party. With a renewed enthusiasm, I quickly passed my Basic Skills and looked forward to the cruises. My sailing adventures have expanded to many parts of the Bay and bareboat charters of the Caribbean, Greece and Croatia.

Giving back to the club started with baby steps. First, coordinating day sail and weekend cruises. Then serving on the nominating committee which is one of the best ways to get to know people in the club next to working the registration desk or bar at an SOS function; you talk to everybody!  It wasn’t until I served as Database chair for three years that I became involved with virtually every committee in the club. My current position on the Board is as Treasurer which has afforded me even more insight into the workings of this club.

In a previous life I was an engineer for a major glass manufacturing company with experience in product/process development, production supervision and cost control. Currently, I am employed as the office manager for a foundation established to honor the legacy of a Northern Virginia real estate developer and horseman. Skills necessary in both positions include but are not limited to critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, and effective communication. Skills I will continue to bring to the Board of SOS.

This is my 12th anniversary with SOS and I can honestly say that I have found something positive in every sailing opportunity with the club. Everything from enhancing my skills with the help of a patient skipper or seasoned crew member to learning something about myself. What better way to be pushed and challenged than in a sudden squall on the Bay! It can take only one caring skipper or POC to befriend a new or introvert member in danger of “falling through the cracks” to help them navigate the ins and outs of this well-established sailing club. Attracting new members with an informative and entertaining website, making sailing fun, safe and affordable, and encouraging volunteerism with a supportive membership may help stem the tide of member attrition and make SOS the best sailing club on the Bay.


Suzanne Vaughn: Statement for Running for the SOS Board

In 2011, I became a member of SOS and was very fortunate to join the cruise to Turkey shortly before it sailed.  Since then, I’ve sailed to Greece, Turkey, Croatia and to the BVIs with the Club.  Sweden is our next cruise which will be a very different experience with their high tides and curious docking.

I got the sailing bug when visiting a former neighbor in Antigua in the early 90s for Race Week, twice.  She was the cook on a lovely 50-foot custom cruiser.  Not a shabby place to spend three weeks!  I returned home and took sailing lessons.  An Alberg 30 found me and I learned how to sail that summer by racing.  I know how to sail more by the tell tails than the numbers!  I was a member of the local Tiller Club which had a small fleet of Tanzer 22s, a former club residing at Port Annapolis.

When I discovered SOS in 2011 I got involved immediately and jumped right in with the Social Committee when it was chaired by Robin Stewart.  I transitioned from the Social Committee to taking over Brunches from Carol Jordan.  That has been a challenge but also a rewarding adventure discovering new topics and speakers that would be interesting to our diverse club members.  I have also stepped in for duties with Spring Training, annual Regional Brunches and Education Committees. 

I’ll continue organizing side trips for the Club as I did with two tours of the USCGC Barque Eagle, a training cutter now used for training in the US Coast Guard.  There will be a tour of Poplar Island planned for October.

So, through these eight years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of talented people from all walks of life:  in international development, as physicians, educators, former Peace Corp members, attorneys, dentists, engineers, art directors and social workers, to name just a few. I have experienced what a curious and committed group of people we are.  Most of us are returning to single life eager to make new friends and seek new adventures in actives to perhaps redefine ourselves.  We come together with a shared passion for SAILING and traveling the world.

With eight years of varied experience in the Club, my goal as a Board member is for us to continue to develop through outreach with other organizations.  More advertising of our events could bring new members. I want to see the club continue to grow and bring the passion of sailing to even more new members as well as enthuse the members we have.  I’ve always believed we get out of life what we put into it.  We will get out of SOS what we put into it!

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