Candidates For The Board Of Directors
The 5 candidates' statements are below.
Voting Begins September 15, 2023. Polls close Midnight October 1, 2022

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Doug Gage
I learned to sail as a young teen in small boats on Long Island Sound, then later in the ‘70s became a part owner of a 62-foot charter ketch sailing out of St Thomas and spent one full charter season on it as crew.  For many years I sailed with friends for a week or two most summers, sailing in Maine and moving their boats between Maine and New Jersey, and developing a strong predilection for sailing Other People’s Boats.  In 2022 we bought Bob Meadows' Pearson 31 Circus.  I have now been actively participating as an SOS skipper, mostly doing day sails.

I joined SOS in 2003 and have been a regular at SOS brunches and at the Northern Virginia Happy Hours.  Prior to buying Circus, my sailing activity with the club was mostly focused on bareboat cruises — eighteen of them, and mixing in a number of weekends and day sails, and one extended. I crewed on the 2011 Caribbean 1500.  I have served as Bareboat Committee Purser/Treasurer since 2007, offloading work from the Club Treasurer and helping each trip coordinator by structuring cruise finances and ensuring that the financial records reflect actual bank deposits and disbursals. I served as Bareboat Committee Chair from 2009-2011.  I am currently winding up my 2021-2023 term on the SOS BOD, having previously served on the BOD from 2013-2015.

I see several issues that the Board should be thinking about: (1) the “graying” demographics of the club membership; (2) motivating skippers so as to balance the supply of crew sailing slots with demand; (3) keeping the Club finances on a long-term even keel, and not overreacting to either short term surplus or short term deficit; (4) establishing/maintaining the most appropriate relationship between the Bareboat program and other Club activities — given that the annual Bareboat cash flow is approximately as large as that of the entire rest of the Club; (5) taking a serious look at Travel Insurance for Bareboat trips. I welcome suggestions for additions to this list.

I retired in 2004 after working as a scientist/engineer for the Navy and spending four years as a program manager at DARPA. Since retiring I have worked as a part-time consultant. I also sing in The Arlington Chorale.

SOS is a real treasure, and it requires a lot of work from a lot of people to keep it that way.  I hope to be able to continue to contribute by serving a second term on the Board, bringing to bear my perspectives as a newly-minted SOS skipper.

Skipper Doug Gage
Joined SOS 2002
Andy Katz

At the SOS town hall meeting, I was pleasantly surprised to be nominated from the floor to run for the Board of Directors. Last year the membership did not choose me to serve.  So, this year you have an opportunity to reconsider putting me on the Board.  I would be honored to serve and believe that the following are reasons why my service would benefit the Club:

Support of SOS Governance:  Most recently, I served out a term on the SOS Board of Directors at the request of past Commodore Sandy Rosswork.  Before that, I worked on a project that extensively revised the club’s by- laws and re-organized/updated our policies.

Skipper Perspective:  As Master of Peaceful One, a 2002 Beneteau Oceanis 393 I have the experience of having members onboard on day sails and overnight cruises with the Club.  I have a view on what participation in Club activities means to a Skipper.  Along with John Rogers, I imagined and implemented the Pop-Up sail program giving SOS Skippers and crew a flexible means of getting out on the water.

Support of SOS Education: I’ve given two online talks on boat ownership for the Club and taught a session on using the Navionics app at Spring Training.  I’ve also developed questions for the Club’s online sailing Jeopardy game during Covid lockdown.

Volunteer Oriented:  Other sailing related volunteer work I engage in is sailing for the Chesapeake Region Assistive Boating (CRAB) organization and assisting the Environmental Committee at Eastport Yacht Club where I am a member.

Experience With Complex Issues:  I recently retired in 2019, after a 40-year career in federal natural gas and electricity regulation, including electric grid reliability and cybersecurity. This included stints with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Maryland Public Service Commission. I also worked in law firms, the Edison Electric Institute, and Constellation Energy in Baltimore.  I served a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the Energy Bar Association, my law field’s bar association.

Skipper Andy Katz
Joined SOS 2019

Bob Morrow
I joined SOS on January 10, 2004 as a skipper. I realize that makes me a minority, but what kind of club would we be without our skippers?  So, if elected I plan to represent the interests of our skippers, but without ignoring the needs of our valuable crew. I especially want to do whatever is necessary to make sure that no prospective crew is left ashore, since that is the principle reason that we lose new members. In the same vein I want to do what is necessary to encourage younger new members to join our club, so that it continues long after another 45 years.

I crewed on my current boat, a 37’ Pearson for two years, until I found out that the owner wanted to sell it. Realizing that it’s not often that you get to test drive something for two years before you buy it, I jumped on the deal.

That year I paid to crew on a Beneteau 40.1  from Annapolis to Ft. Lauderdale for offshore experience. The first mate on one leg of that cruise was a former SOS member, who recommended SOS to me, as well as encouraging me to get my captains license. I eventually acted on both his recommendations. The next year I took my Pearson to Hilton Head, after equipping it with an autopilot and radar reflector. I sailed to Beaufort, NC with one crew, and from there to Hilton Head with three crew, so we could sail offshore and stand watches, at one point being 30 miles offshore. Coming home next spring with one crew, we took the ICW the whole way to the Norfolk area, and I singlehanded the rest of the way to Baltimore in three days.

After I got my captains license, I taught for a few years at Annapolis Sailing School on their Hunter 36’s, did several deliveries, and took many, many crew from SOS on cruises. I participated as crew on SOS bareboat cruises in Tonga in the South Pacific, and twice on canals in France, the last time as skipper.

After upgrading my license, I was one of the captains on the paddle wheel river boat, the “Lantern Queen” out of Havre de Grace, and then a similar boat, requiring a 100 Ton license the “Pride of the Susquehanna” out of Harrisburg, Pa.

Skipper Bob Morrow
Joined SOS 2004

Karl Scible
SOS is an amazing club. For over 45 years, the club has allowed new and seasoned sailors a chance to explore the Chesapeake Bay, lakes, and ports of call around the globe.  These adventures have created lifelong friendships and memories for our members.

The club would not be so successful without the countless hours and efforts of our members.  As a member for 12 years, I have not officially held an office in the club but have enjoyed teaching classes at Spring Training, Flare and Safety, and being a member of the Public Relations Committee.  I have enjoyed helping new members navigate the initial steps in becoming a member.  

I have lived and spent my entire life being in, near, or on the water.  I started out crabbing with my grandfather when I was young and then advanced to sailing on a Sunfish and a beginner’s book on sailing.  I then moved up to a 21-foot Venture.  Power boating came next to accommodate all of my family’s   “are we there yet” requests.
My life experiences have been varied and exciting.  A dual career as a Registered Nurse and Fire Fighter/Paramedic has placed me in numerous positions to serve those in need and in a variety of places.  Being involved in a “people” career has exposed me to so many amazing and wonderful groups and individuals.  I retired from the Paramedic field in 1998 and retired form Nursing in 2018.

A friend invited me to the Ellicott City SOS Happy Hour and I was hooked.  I signed up right away and began sailing with the club on the Bay, chartering to wonderful islands, and on the French canal.  I knew that the club ran on “volunteers” and I was quick to help at brunches, bar duty, and many other tasks that made each event a success.

Keeping the club’s future successful and creating new ways to meet the club’s needs is a 24/7 task.   Volunteering for the numerous activities is one way to help, but serving on the Board will allow me to be an active participant in making the club last another 45 years.  Being on the Public Relations committee has introduced me to the inner workings of the Board, seeing what each member brings to the table to create an active, living, and breathing club. 

I would like to be elected to the Board of Directors for the 2023/2025 period.  The people skills I have developed throughout my life to the present will help the Board keep the club running smoothly but still able to change to keep the club active and flexible.  It is also important to make sure each club member is represented and has a voice.

Karl Scible
Joined SOS 2012

Michelle Watters
I have been a member of SOS for a little over two years. I moved to the Washington area a few years ago from Chicago, and I was pleased to find this sailing community. From the onset, I recognized that this was a volunteer organization and that you get out of it what you put into it. I’ve volunteered as a sail coordinator and assisted at many social activities. I retired at the end of May, and I now can make a bigger commitment to the club, so I’ve put in my nomination for a Board of Director seat.

I’ve been sailing since the late 1980s, primarily on Lake Michigan but also with about a dozen bareboat trips that I helped organize with friends. I had a wonderful experience last September on the SOS bareboat trip to the Aeolian Islands. In Chicago I was actively involved with several sailing associations and clubs, one of which had a very similar structure to SOS where skippers from harbors from Milwaukee to Chicago would take on crew for day sails. I will bring my experience from my involvement with these sailing organizations to this board position.

As mentioned, I retired a couple of months ago from the National Transportation Safety Board where I had served as a medical officer and examined the medical factors in transportation accidents, including marine cases. My previous experience as an occupational medicine physician has also focused on public health and safety. Health and safety are truly my overarching principles in planning activities and having fun, so I can see ensuring that our club continues to promote sailing safety.

SOS has had some challenges over recent years including maintaining membership, the need for more skippers, and of course, COVID. As a new-ish member, I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to addressing these challenges. I do recognize the uniqueness of SOS and the need to balance moving forward and keeping its identity. I look forward to working with the board, committee chairs, and fellow sailors. Thank-you for considering me for the board of directors’ position.

Michelle Watters
Joined SOS 2021